March 12th 2021

Project Buku Buku

Project Buku Buku is a fundraising campaign to raise money for the renovation of 6 libraries in 6 schools in East Bali. Bumiku Education supports the NGO East Bali Poverty Project.

At Bumiku Education, we support the right for quality education for EVERYONE. Through buying our lessons you are also supporting education for students in need globally.

The Illustrated Story.

Watch the illustrated story below.

Project Buku Buku – An Illustrated Story by Tarryn Biswas

The Project

This project was postponed for a year due to the corona virus outbreak, but now more than ever, they need our support and access to the education they deserve.

For a few years, I have personally supported 6 schools in East Bali. They are situated in very hard to reach areas up the slopes of some volcanoes and are very different to the schools that you all may know.

Whilst living in Bali I regularly visited these schools and taught the students English through art learning. I fell in love with the students, the schools and every single person behind the project.

The teachers and health workers who work there are the most dedicated, driven and big hearted people that I have ever met. Every day they journey up the slopes of active volcanoes, riding their dirt bikes up dangerous roads to these schools. They don’t just provide education there, they are providing the opportunity for improvement in agriculture, health and wellbeing. Before the East Bali Poverty Project created these schools in the 1990’s, poor water sanitation was the cause of many illnesses and the children had never even seen a bar of soap.

Upon visiting these schools I soon noticed the lack of resources, materials and books that were up there. Their libraries had holes in the ceiling, no lights, no floors, no shelves, broken walls and damp, of course there were no books there.

The Schools

Watch the short video to see the condition of the schools.

A photo montage showing the conditions of the mountain schools in East Bali. Photographed by Tarryn Biswas

Over the years, people have donated books and learning materials. These have all been collected in a storage room at the bottom of the volcano. They can’t be distributed to the schools unless the buildings have been renovated and an appropriate learning space has been created.

Last year, I took photographs of all the libraries and compiled a list of all the renovations that needed doing. We asked the children how they wanted their library spaces and calculated together how much we would need to transform these 6 libraries. We only need to raise €1000 to make this happen.

By having lessons with us, you are already helping this cause. Thank you!

To help us reach this target please donate, share or buy more lessons.

Thank you!

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