October 30th 2020

What is Education for Sustainable Development and why do we need it?

Education – a basic human right

Sustainable – lasting for a long time

Development – growing and changing to become better

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is a program that was created by the United Nations. This program educates individuals on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Addressing problems such as quality education, poverty, climate action, environment and equality. The intention is to create a sense of global responsibility and awareness of how we can create a better world. The goals encourage individuals to ‘be responsible actors who resolve challenges, respect cultural diversity and contribute to creating a more sustainable world.’ UNESCO

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I believe that we need educating on sustainable development.

We are using natural resources at an alarming rate. Ground water is running low, there are more mouths to feed than there is food and our waste is replacing beautiful, natural islands with islands of trash. We need to change our habits to ensure our planet and everyone on it can grow with consideration and consciousness.

Without education, awareness can not be expected. As the founder of Bumiku Education, I am on the mission to provide accessible education globally to raise awareness and to give our children a voice.

Change starts with curiosity and communication creates change.

I want to give our children the opportunity to be curious. Through storytelling, discussions and training in research skills our students develop a mature curiosity.

Effective communications skills are paramount in the process of change. We teach students the global language of English in a practical way that enables them to express their own thoughts and ask their own questions. 

Bumiku Education is part of a global initiative to give our children the future they deserve.

Leading organisations around the world provide educational resources for home and for schools on sustainable development. As a National Geographic certified educator I can strongly recommend the content created by National Geographic. National Geographic create magazines, activities, courseware and films for kids to inspire curiosity and appreciation of our natural world.

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Not only do the large organisations that provide resources for sustainable development but there is a growing number of small businesses that have the same principles.

A favourite of mine is a new start up called ‘Earth Cubs’. Earth Cubs is an English born company that create fun and educational resources for younger kids. Similarly to us, their resources also follow the 17 sustainability goals created by the UN. 

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We are the teachers, the facilitators and the support.

Bumiku Education is an online 1:1 English learning platform that teaches practical English around the subject of sustainable development. We have a team of highly trained and passionate teachers based around the world who want to help create this change. Our courses feature resources created by companies big and small. Our teachers go through the courses with the students on a one to one basis. This way the teachers can teach at the students own pace and teach according to their own curiosity. 

I hope that you as the parents, as the students and as the conscious citizens of the world can join us on this journey to create a more sustainable future.

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